We’re all guilty of looking for the perfect spot to click a picture, just to spruce up our Instagram feeds. Well, that’s probably the first thought that crosses your mind when you enter a bar. With the constant change in Dubai’s nightlife, who knows which bar will the next Instagram superstar for bloggers. For now, here are a few insta-worthy venues…


1. Stereo Arcade

Walk in and feel a blast from the past. The graffiti filled walls and the arcade games will definitely satisfy the kid in you as well as make your Instagram look cool!

2. Miss Wang

Coined as one of the hidden gems in Bur Dubai, Miss Wang has been the favorite Funky Asian neighborhood spot of guests from all over Dubai. Hidden behind staircases and secret aisles, it has been a constant go-to place of lovers of good live music and Asian Food. Miss Wang has been widely recognized in multiple nominations and awards in Dubai’s nightlife and dining scene.

3. Mr Miyagi’s

Haven’t been to Thailand before? Mr Miyagi’s is the place to be! The décor was the most talked about once it opened and now you know why. Trick your friends into thinking you’re in a colorful bar in Bangkok (just kidding!)

4. Miss Tess

If the super stylish UAE blogger, Tala Samman (@myfashdiary),  is clicking pictures here, then this venue must sure be worth it. Not only is the food great, this new Asian hot spot has crazy performers to entertain you while you sip on that delicious cocktail. This vast space surely has some Instagam worthy shots!

5. BB Social Dining

You want a speakeasy joint (if there is such a thing in Dubai)? This is it. Tucked away in the dark corners of DIFC, BB is a three-storey restaurant/bar filled with great character that will scream out in pictures. The spiral staircase, the hanging balconies to the black & white tiled floor, keep your viewers guessing where you are cause it definitely does not feel like Dubai in there!