Known to be the tallest tower in the World, the Burj Khalifa has been the backdrop of millions of pictures. Imagine having a drink while gazing at the beauty that is the Burj and Downtown. We’ve curated a list of bars and lounges which have the best views of the Dubai skyline & the looming tower amongst it.



Think of a fairy garden amongst the tall looming towers of Dubai. Treehouse is the one lounge that showcases the city in all its beauty & it has the best view of Burj Khalifa. This trendy urban rooftop oasis comes to life with light deep house music played by the resident DJ, which means comfortable conversations. Tasty cocktails & amazing views makes the perfect Instagram picture for your feed.



Neos was one of the most popular spots in Downtown before the fire took place at the Address Hotel in 2015. The iconic lounge has reopened & its back with a bang with a brand-new look to go alongside the glittery Downtown views. Gone are the gloomy interiors Neos previously had, replaced with a neutral color scheme. With great views & cocktails, comes a great bill tab so you better not walk in with light pockets.



A poolside lounge not too far from Downtown, has some stunning views Burj Khalifa. The pink lights will make you feel like you’re in ‘Kandy’ land but don’t let that get you down. With refreshing cocktails & delicious shisha flavors, ikandy is the perfect spot for a laid-back night with friends.



This Beirut export has been very popular for its music, cocktails and views since its arrival in Dubai. Iris may seem like a narrow space but with smooth lounge music filling your ears, small plates feeding your tummy and cocktails soothing your soul, it’s the classiest rooftop lounge to be at. You’ve got incredible views of the Dubai skyline and Burj Khalifa added to the mix, what more do you need?


LookUp Rooftop Bar

We’ve got our well-known rooftop bars around Dubai, but did you know there’s a little rooftop oasis tucked away in CityWalk? Imagine yourself at a bar, sipping on a cocktail during sunset, with the LA skyline in front of you. Well, you’ve got just that but it’s the grand Dubai skyline in front of you. An infinity pool to go along with it, this is the perfect place for a sundowner.


STK Downtown

Calling all steak & mac n cheese lovers to STK in Downtown! This venue promises the ‘the ultimate blend of food-meets-party’, with views of Burj Khalifa. Enjoy the glitz and glamour while you dine under cherry blossom trees but get ready to bust a move as soon as the music picks up.


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