The one thing people of the world are sure of is Dubai has some of the best nightclubs. Travellers from all around come our way to enjoy our funky bars, rich nightclubs & fashionable lounges Major artists are invited to perform at these top class venues that just makes it too hard to resist. A little party never hurt nobody so here’s a list of clubs in Dubai that deserve multiple visits.


White Dubai

Think of a club that makes you feel you’re in a colosseum filled with beautiful people, bright lights & some of your favorite artists. That’s how White will make you feel! The first outdoor rooftop club in Dubai & they made sure you never forget them. With nights like Disturbing brought in by UK star Tinie Tempah, BIZAAR giving you a mix of genres and URBN giving you the best of hip-hop and RNB, what will this superclub bring you next?



A self-proclaimed super club but we feel it is well deserved. The venue is built in a way to give you a small concert feel but with the luxuries of a lounge. They’ve been so successful since they opened, it has become a competitor to another loved outdoor club. With this new look and the big names they’ve been announcing every week, BASE is here to stay & give us more parties.


Toy Room

Are you a big fan of the movie Ted? Well, you’re in luck. Toy Room is the place to be if you want to party with Frank, a naughty bear that will tease you with his dance moves. With it’s newly appointed place in Meydan, Toy Room definitely came back with a bang and hasn’t disappointed ever since. Join Frank and his crew for some of the best hip-hop nights in town.



Miss VIP Room? We got the super chic NYC import 1OAK opened up in its place in Business Bay and it has been the club to be seen at since its opening. Feel like Alice in Wonderland as you walk through the tunnel, witness the avant-garde art installations before you dance the night away to some the banging urban and hip-hop tunes.



A lounge, a club, dance performances on stage… BOA has something for everyone. Chill with drinks and shisha at the lounge once you enter or move into the club for one of the best nights in town. With one of the best views in town, BOA is the perfect place for a date or maybe post-dinner drinks with your friends. Turn it into a party once the clock strikes midnight.


Industrial Avenue

No ropes, no luxurious furniture, no VIP tables! Go back to basics at Industrial Avenue where you ditch those high heels & just enjoy the vibe of  people and music. Dubai is known for its VIP culture but this venue is stripped down from all those rules so don’t bother dressing up. Walk in, connect with the music and dance the night away.



Get your black outfits ready and release your anger at this new club in Business Bay. Just kidding! GOTHA is nowhere close to what the name suggests. This Cannes import is filled with plenty of glam and glitz to attract the elite. They’ve already welcomed global artists before and we’re sure there are plenty more to come!


Secret Room

We have here one of the most elite clubs in the world. Got a supercar and want to show it off?  Secret Room is the club for you. Drive into the club, have a few drinks while your car is on display for all to admire. How to enter such a super swanky venue? You need to have a registered fingerprint or a reservation. Could this club be more elite?



Dubai surely has it all!