If you’ve been living in Dubai for 2 or more years, you know the winter season here doesn’t last too long. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the weather and hit those outdoor bars with some gorgeous views. Winter is here, jackets out, cameras out, lets get those drinks, shall we?
1. Irish Village (Al Garhoud)

We had to start with the classic, all-time favorite Irish Village. You’ve got the cool outdoors, great live musicians playing 80s & 90s classics, perfectly chilled bevvies and if you’re lucky, you’ll even get to see the resident ducks quacking around.

2. Level 43

Want to feel you’re in the center of the sparkling skyline of Dubai? This is the place to be! Have a few drinks amongst the starry lights of the tall, looming towers of Dubai.

3. 7 Elephants

7 countries, 7 owners and 7 cuisines- one of the bars to be at this season. You get to sample food from around the world and delicious cocktails while relaxing on the comfy couches with a shisha by your side.

(Latest update : This venue is now permanently closed.).

4. Treehouse

Probably one of the trendiest outdoor bars you’ll go to this season. Known to have one of best views (don’t forget your cameras), this would be one of the perfect bars for a few cocktails and to also increase your Instagram game by getting the perfect shot of the Burj Khalifa.

5. Pier 7

We’re mentioning the whole building since all the venues have an outdoor deck area displaying the Marina in all its glory. Be it Cargo, Asia Asia or The Scene, all have one of the best views in Dubai Marina (not to forget the drinks are great too).

6. Ramusake

Another Instagram worthy bar, it has some delicious cocktails and not to forget the view of Ain Dubai from their terrace.

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